About Sahul Trading – Import & Exporters In Tamilnadu, India

Sahul Trading Corporation is a global trading company located in Coimbatore, India. Started by the Sahul Family which is renowned for 40+ years of family business experience. The owners together post a combined 100+ years of business experience where “Customer is Always King”. The Sahul Family business thrived on multiple plastic and consumer goods manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and retail businesses built solely on the foundation of understanding customer and their needs that change and grow every day. The success of their businesses had relied on relating to the need of the market and providing the best product that is suitable for the consumers all over the world. With exceptional global customer service, Sahul Trading Corporation fittingly forms the crown jewel of this family business.
Sahul Trading Corporation serves as the portal for International export of products that are manufactured throughout India and for importing products from all over the world. Our products are distributed under our trade name of LUMENTM.
We have global customer base who are exceptionally happy with our service and they keep on growing everyday.

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